Sleep Disorders

Snoring and sleep apnea are not just frustrating, they are health risks. Although snoring and sleep apnea cases range from mild to severe, each is considered a sleep disorder caused by physical respiratory blockage. Even if you are only a mild snorer, we recommend that you consult with a sleep specialist or your physician regarding strategies to reduce or eliminate your disorder.

We want you to rest easy knowing that we are here to listen and work with you to find solutions that make you glad you did not wait any longer to seek help. You will want to schedule an appointment if you can identify with any of the following:

  • You have been told you snore loudly and often throughout the night.
  • You have been told that you stop breathing when you sleep.
  • You often wake in the morning feeling tired.
  • You fall asleep easily or inappropriately during the day.
  • You experience memory loss and/or are unable to concentrate.
  • You have become uncharacteristically irritable or depressed.

We are committed to our patients, you will receive state of the art care from our compassionate staff. Review the links to the right for more information about sleep disorders.